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A Bone of Contention

In 1352, the terrible legacy of the Black Death still lurks over the town of Cambridge. Fears of a future outbreak drive people to seek protection in the power of holy relics, while the University is once more the scene for violent clashes between students and townsfolk. Matthew Bartholomew, Michaelhouse teacher and public physician, has a professional interest in order returning to the streets.

With rumours spreading about the discovery of a skeleton reputed to belong to a local martyr, a skeleton that even the physician confirms as human, a young student's brutal murder plunges the town into chaos, and Bartholomew must ask himself if the two corpses - and the rioting - are linked to something deeper than local enmities.

When suspicion falls on a respected university Principal and his scholars, Bartholomew's investigation becomes the source of conflict within the academic community. And there are personal rivalries and painful memories of his own to be exhumed before a chilling conspiracy can emerge, a nightmare of murder and revenge so terrifying that the whole town could be tainted with complicity.

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